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Welcome to a simple web site about the Peugeot 304 Cabriolet

UK 304s


A rare pre S 304 cab which changed hands in 2018. The current owner reports it as driving well, in good condition and with only minor works needed. Has hard and soft top. Previous owner completed 6,000 miles over 17 years.

Nov 1971   On the Road

On the road again after a few years laid up, here is JPC 368N. Back in the 1980s a former owner sold this by letting his brother drive it to London and park it round the back of Harrods one Saturday morning. It sold for cash in 20 minutes!

May 1975   On the Road

Do you own, or know the whereabouts of, JPC 368N?

If so please get in touch, as a previous owner would like to make it's acquaintance again. Thanks :)


Described by the autioneers as having a 'total body refresh in 2012 - bare metalled and freshly painted', this good looking 304 was listed but then withdrawn from a June 2018 CCA Classic Car Auction.

Sept 1972   On the Road

Rescued from a field in 2013, LLG 420P will need a full and sympathetic restoration to secure its future. Although most of the parts are there, a new floorpan will be needed. One of the last 304 cabs to arrive in the UK.

Aug 1975   Tax expired 2004

Advertised on ebay October 2018, the owner describes this unusual coloured 304 as having 84k on the clock and a respray in 2012, no major mechanical or electrical faults known and only minor faults listed.

Dec 1975   MOT expired May 2017

Advertised on ebay October 2018 and January 2019, seller describes this 304 as having been off road for years, with floor and sills in need of welding, but generally body work rust-free.

Oct 1974   Tax expired 1996

Well, I'm not sure if this should be in the survivors section or not but here it is. It will need a very dedicated new owner if it is to have a future. Described as a barn find when advertised on ebay Jan 2019.

May 1973   MOT expired 1989


Sold for a shade over £12,000 at H&H auctions in July 2019, the highest sale price I've seen by some distance. Sold with a warranted 8900 mileage and fresh MOT until 2020. Driving lights and 304 sports alloys finish the look. Gorgeous.

May or Dec 1976   On the Road

A rare pre S version, this 304 was advertised on ebay summer 2019. Described by the seller as dry garaged for many years, in need of some welding and having had all new panels in 1988.

Jan 1972

This 1974 304 cabriolet sold to a winning bid of £3000 on ebay in 2019. Off road since around 2012, and resprayed in around 2016, further work is required to bring this 304 to full glory.

Nov 1974   MOT expired 2013

In 2018 older cars - including the 304s - were made exempt from MOT tests. It is therefore not possible to accurately state the current on the road status via DVLA records. Where 'on the road' is shown, the car had passed an MOT test at least once between Jan 2015 and April 2018. So this is a mothballed snap shot of each car's status in 2018/2019 - it may well be different by the time you read this.

To the best of my knowledge there are 130 - 150 RHD Peugeot 304 Cabriolets left in the UK. If you own one and would like your car listed on these pages, please get in touch. If your car is pictured on this site and you don't want it to be, let me know and I'll remove it.


Peugeot 304 and 304S Cabriolet / 1970s French Classic Car / Record of UK models.

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