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Welcome to a simple web site about the Peugeot 304 Cabriolet


Assumed Scrapped

VUK 214H is a rare beast - a pre-S 304 cab in the same ownership for 30 years! It's a left hand drive car which started life in the Netherlands before being imported to the UK in 2012. It was sold on Ebay in May 2016 for around £6500.

What was left of WGX 948M was advertised on C&C May 2016 for £750 (entire car) or as breaking for spares. Many of the more sought after parts had long since gone, but the body panels, glass, wheels, dash, engine and gearbox were still there.

1970 (estimated).   On the Road

Preparing for scrap

In need of restoration

This 1972 non-S cabriolet might be relocated to the 'survivors' section should it find a sympathetic new owner. For now though (and not least because it will muck up my 'colours' classification!) it lives in these pages. Advertised on Ebay Nov 2016.

Off Road for engine rebuild.

This 304 has lived in Ireland since new, and is currently in Cork. On the road until 2014, it now needs further restoration and attention to the engine. With thanks to John, the owner, for these photos.

UJW 716L is a 1972-made white cab, first registered August 1986 and last taxed back in 1993. Due to an earlier very poor restoration it was too far gone to save, but essential donor parts were salvaged and are being used to restore GOR 310N.

June 1975   Assumed Scrapped

This is an old photo of HDR 459N which cropped up for sale on ebay (the photo that is, not the car). The picture was taken July 1987 in Blakeney. The car was first registered 30 June 1975, but DVLA records end with tax expiring in 1991.


Do you know anything about TYA200M, a corn yellow Pug 304S? It was purchased in 1999 then sold on in 2002 in the London area. The last tax expired in 2009. The previous owner would like to be reunited with it. If you have any information, please get in touch :)

'Pergy' is a LHD silver 304S, now living in Norfolk. The owner tells me Pergy wears her original patina with pride - it has never been restored or repainted, and the reliable engine is put to good use regularly. With thanks to Chris Kirby for pics.

1973   On the Road

April 1974   Confirmed Scrapped in 2017

THS 928M was my 'donor car' from 2008 until 2017, and parts from it have helped a few 304s to stay on the road. Here it is, making it's final journey to a new restorer, who salvaged useful parts before scrapping it in 2017.

Oct 1972    Confirmed Scrapped in 2017

An enthusiastic restorer purchased this cab in 2017 in the hope of restoration, but it was too far gone. Sadly, he confirms JHY 891L was scrapped in November 2017.

UK 304s

These pages are a 304 graveyard. Actually, more a dedication to those 304s that have donated their useful body parts to prolong the life of others before going to that great Peugeot garage in the sky! :)


Plus a listing of mystery / miscellaneous / left hand drive 304s


Some of the cars on these pages may be safely tucked away awaiting restoration, or long since scrapped. If you happen to know anything about them, please get in touch. Thank you!

Peugeot 304 and 304S Cabriolet / 1970s French Classic Car / Record of UK models.

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