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I welcome contributions to this site, so please get in touch if you can help me to keep things up to date and accurate. I especially welcome contact from 304 Cabriolet owners who can tell me more about their car and supply recent photographs for inclusion on the site listings.

Have you spotted a car for sale or at a show that is not listed here? Let me know!

Equally I am respectful to owners' and photographers' wishes, so if there are images on the site that you prefer to be removed please feel free to tell me.


I am not a mechanic, so please don't ask me about anything technical - speak to your garage!

I do not offer opinions on individual cars that are subject to sale/purchase - sorry. That is a private matter between seller and buyers and I have no wish to interfere.

I cannot offer help with parts - my old stock of parts has long since gone. For general parts advice, please refer to the parts page.

If you have a 304 Cabriolet for sale and it is listed on my site, I am very happy to put a 'for sale' banner on the listing for you.

If you are trying to trace a 304 (out of curiosity, or perhaps you want to buy it back!) feel free to ask me. If it is not on this site, I am happy to include it with a 'where is it now?' notice.

Send a message

Thanks for getting in touch.

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