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French, that's what it's like!


Seriously, there are some aspects of car mechanics and design that only the French could conceive of, and the 304 has plenty of them! Quite why a fan belt has to go round so many corners I don't know, and the high pitched horn is hilarious. I especially like the pop up air vent grilles, which do a good impression of a toast rack.


If you're looking for a performance supercar this is not it, but it is pleasant to drive. It's nimble enough to give you some fun through the bends - with just enough roll to remind you that you're in a French car - and 75bhp (when new!) in a light car means it is nippy enough. On the motorway it will take you to the speed limit, but well before 70mph it's crying out for a 5th gear that it doesn't have.


The big bucket seats are great, and a low seating position makes it feel like you're going quicker than you actually are. It's comfortable enough for long journeys - though it would be useful if the driver's seat could go back just an inch or two more for comfort. A smaller and chunkier steering wheel looks great on these cars and makes the pug feel sportier, but the original large skinny wheel gives it authenticity.

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Peugeot 304 and 304S Cabriolet / 1970s French Classic Car / Record of UK models.