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UK 304s

A gorgeous 304S in Moss Green, with tan interior as it would have been when first produced. Sold for £4500 in 2013, and around £5000 in 2020 - modest prices for a fine looking car with an exceptionally good MOT history.

To the best of my knowledge there are 130 - 150 RHD Peugeot 304 Cabriolets left in the UK. If you own one and would like your car listed on these pages, please get in touch. If your car is pictured on this site and you don't want it to be, let me know and I'll remove it.

Sold for £2050 in May 2015, this little 304S was described as a work in progress. It's sister car in the background (see next listing) was also put up for sale at the same time but didn't sell.

Described as a non-runner in need of total restoration, this 304S sold for £1070 in April 2015. One of the last registered in the UK, and last MOT'd in 2007. I wonder if it will be saved, or used for parts?

Sold by auction in July 2015 with MOT but recent blown head gasket. Coming with lots of spares - including engine -  it has the potential to be a very good 304. In Metallic Green - the first of two factory greens used on the Cabriolets.

Advertised in 2014 at £5750. A UK registered 304, it had earlier moved to France for a while before being found in a barn, rescued and brought back to the UK in 2013 for restoration. Readvertised Oct 2015 on C & C, at £5950 ono.

An exceptionally looking nice 304 (nicknamed Pierre by the 2011 seller). The cream or white soft top with matching wheels is unusual, and perfect with the lovely Azure Blue paint work. An early non 'S' version, so uber rare. A beaut!

Initially unsold when listed with UFM above, it was relisted on ebay in Dec 2015 and fetched £1170. Engine listed as running. With luck the new owner plans a restore rather than a parts strip. The seats look in remarkably good nick.

Barn find - last taxed in 1991! This 304S was placed on ebay June 2015. Mechanicals and body in need of complete restoration. The winning bid was £1600.

01/05/1975   On the road

This good-looking Metallic Gold 304 - restored in 1990 - sold via Brooklands for £4480 in March 2014. Advertised for just shy of £8k in 2016. The MOT history suggests significant work has been completed underneath.

21/08/1974   On the road

17/08/1973   Off road, Tax expired May 2015

12/04/1976   Off road, MOT expired Nov 2008

01/06/1973   On the road

19/02/1973  Off road, Tax expired June 2007

01/04/1974   SORN, MOT expired August 2014

03/03/1972   On the road

01/01/1975   Off road, Tax expired Nov 1991

Reg Unknown   Off road

This is the only Cab I've seen with a side repeater indicators on the wing. Off road since 2007 and advertised as having 'rust issues throughout' it sold for £1370 in July 2015, and again in similar condition for £1800 in Nov 2020.

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In 2018 older cars - including the 304s - were made exempt from MOT tests. It is therefore not possible to accurately state the current on the road status via DVLA records. Where 'on the road' is shown, the car had passed an MOT test at least once between Jan 2015 and April 2018. So this is a mothballed snap shot of each car's status in 2018/2019 - it may well be different by the time you read this.