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UK 304s

10/09/1974   SORN, MOT expired 2013

22/04/1975   On the road

13/06/1975   On the Road

07/04/1975   On the Road

01/08/1973   On the Road

01/07/1975   On the Road

23/08/1974   On the Road

24/07/1972   On the Road

05/06/1973   On the Road


If you own a 304 Cabriolet and would like to tell me a little more about it, I'd love to hear from you. I would be happy for this site to evolve into a proper resource / registry of UK 304s, and I can add a feature page for your car. Thank you to owners who've been in touch so far. If your car is pictured on this site and you don't want it to be, let me know and I'll remove it.

Advertised for a shade under £4000 in July 2013 with new MOT. Resprayed in 2000. Extensive work done by Darius Bunch (ex 304 specialist). Red is an unusual seat colour. Pics June 2014 by mangopulp2008 under cc.

Originally sold by Gliddons Somerset Peugeot dealer, this 304S was valued for sale at £5495 in 2012/13 with 3 owners, 45000 miles and a good history of paperwork. Original carpets are quite rare these days.

Someone may have bagged a bargain when this 304S was sold for £2500 including hard top in October 2013. Soft top and seats needed repair or replacement, but otherwise a good looker with lots of potential.

A good looking 304 in white, with really nice reupholstered seats. Now with it's 4th owner. Pictured out and about in 2013. With thanks to Graham Woodward for pics 1 & 2, and Robert Knight for pic 3.

Affectionately known as 'Napoleon' by its owner, this 304 looks gorgeous in it's unusual red colour, which may or may not be from the Peugeot palette (not an original cab paint option). Pics 2 & 3 Lewis Adams Photography under cc (May 2015).

An off road purchase for £650 in 2012, this lucky pug is undergoing loving restoration. It's original engine has been removed and rebuilt, with body and interior work ongoing. With many thanks to CarSpotterUK for pics and info.

Spotted on Hayling Island in 2014, then again elsewhere in August 2015. Azure blue, along with Alaskan White, is the most dominant remaining colour among remaining 304 Cabriolets. With many thanks to VW304 for these pictures.

An uber rare pre-S version (note the metal grille, lack of headrests and slightly different wheels) looking in wonderful condition. Square front fogs and rear luggage rack add fine finishing touches. With thanks to Paul Thompson.

How do you fancy getting a 304 for a birthday present? The current owner was just 17 when his father, who runs a classic car restoration service, gifted him this lovely azure blue cab. It would appear this lucky 304 is in safe hands.

Peugeot 304 and 304S Cabriolet / 1970s French Classic Car / Record of UK models.

01/09/1974   On the road

Advertised on ebay in 2018, the owner tells me this white 304 as in reasonable condition but would benefit from some tidying. I do like those seats, despite the rip.

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To the best of my knowledge there are just over 100 RHD Peugeot 304 Cabriolets left in the UK, about half of which are on the road. Listings show the date of first registration and car's status  ('On the Road" = taxed and MOT'd  1st July 2015 or later). It is quite possible that a few more exist that I haven't discovered yet.