Welcome to a simple web site about the Peugeot 304 Cabriolet

My name is Mark and I have a geeky interest in Peugeot 304s. I have no connection with Peugeot, or any special knowledge other than an enthusiasm for these little classics. I owned the car pictured on this page for 10 happy years.


If you're a Peugeot 304 Cabriolet owner and you're happy to have your car featured on this site, please get in touch.


If you're considering buying a 304, you have parts for sale or swap, or you are in need of parts feel free to get in touch. I don't have much under the bonnet knowledge and I have long since sold all my spare 304 parts, but if you ask nicely I'll happily email other owners to see if they have what you need. This is a very informal arrangement, but you never know your luck :)

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Peugeot 304 and 304S Cabriolet / 1970s French Classic Car / Record of UK models.