Welcome to a simple web site about the Peugeot 304 Cabriolet

I am often asked for advice about where and how to buy a Peugeot 304 Cabriolet in the UK. The truth is that very few come up for sale. When they do, the two most common places they are advertised on is, and In a typical year, perhaps 5 or 6 might appear on those sites. 2 or 3 will be barn finds or off-road types, needing significant restoration work; 2 or 3 might be road worthy with MOT but in need to TLC to increase value; and maybe only 1 or 2 will be very presentable examples. The most common time for buying and selling is Spring through to Autumn.


I have also seen 304 Cabs for sale via high street car dealers, car auctions and even on gumtree - but this is very infrequent indeed. So, if you're looking to buy a 304, you will need patience, and still more patience in finding the right one for you. Be prepared to travel as well - given the low numbers for sale and your preference of colour, condition and price you may only have 1 or 2 contenders to look in a year, and the chances of it being in your patch are slim. It's more likely to be 200 miles away, but if it's the right one for you the journey may well be worth it.


Genuine UK registered cars will be Right Hand Drive. Any 304 for sale in the UK with Left Hand Drive will have been imported some time after it's initial registration overseas. You can consider buying a LHD car in France and importing it - you'll have a wider choice, but be aware that prices on mainland Europe appear to be quite a bit higher than in the UK and you will have the additional expense of bringing it to the UK.

Peugeot 304 and 304S Cabriolet / 1970s French Classic Car / Record of UK models.


The Peugeot 304 Cabriolet remains a relatively cheap classic car to buy. However prices have been on an upward path over the past few years. Although this makes purchases more expensive, it does also mean protection of your investment. One reason for the increase might be the tax exemption - the 40 year rule means that most 304's have switched from 'PLG' class to 'Historic Vehicle' class in the past few years.


In 2018, a new law was introduced exempting all classic cars (cars over 40 years old) from the annual MOT test. This means that all Peugeot 304 Cabriolets are now exempt from the MOT test. At the time of writing (June 2018) it is impossible to know what effect this will have on resale values, but it would seem logical to me that prices would rise.


The valuations shown on this site are for general guidance only based on my interest in 304s and my observations of sale prices since I became a 304 owner. They are not official valuations and you should make your own judgements. Any sale price will depend completely on the condition of the individual car, and most 40 year old cars will have a chequered history. It would not surprise me if the handful of very best 304s will be attracting a £10,000+ price tag in the coming years - as indeed they already do in other parts of Europe. £8995 is the highest asking price I've seen to date in the UK for a UK registered RHD car (January 2016 and August 2017). Some LHD imports have been advertised on ebay UK during 2017 for in excess of £12k, and I make no comment about the seller's asking price for those cars.

FOR PARTS : Barn finds that are severely past it and not economical to restore, but have parts that can be used to restore another 304.


FOR RESTORORATION : Cars off road following past MOT fail and with significant mechanical and body work issues but that could be restored to fair or better condition.


FAIR: Roadworthy but otherwise tatty bodywork, rust problems, significant mechanical issues and with several replacement parts that are either not original or the incorrect type.


GOOD : Roadworthy and generally in presentable order. Some further restoration of bodywork/mechanicals is desirable but not essential.


VERY GOOD: A well maintained roadworthy car in little or no need of further restoration or mechanical work other than regular servicing. Presentable enough for show entry with only minor defaults.


EXCELLENT : In exceptional condition - either in superb original order, or having been professionally and fully restored.





I am also occasionally asked to comment by potential buyers as to my opinion about a 304 advertised for sale. I politely decline. I believe any sale should be a matter between buyer and seller, and it is unfair for me to venture an opinion when all I know about the car is the very basic information I've shared on this web site. In short, it is not my place to interfere!


NON RUNNER FOR PARTS : £500 - £1000


ON THE ROAD FAIR : £1500 - £2500

ON THE ROAD GOOD : £2000 - £3000

ON THE ROAD VERY GOOD : £3000 - £5000

ON THE ROAD EXCELLENT : £5000 - £7000


NON RUNNER FOR PARTS : £750 - £1500


ON THE ROAD FAIR : £2000 - £3500

ON THE ROAD GOOD : £3000 - £4500

ON THE ROAD VERY GOOD : £4000 - £6500

ON THE ROAD EXCELLENT : £6500 - £8500


NON RUNNER FOR PARTS : £250 - £500


ON THE ROAD FAIR : £1000 - £1500

ON THE ROAD GOOD : £1500 - £2500

ON THE ROAD VERY GOOD : £2500 - £4000

ON THE ROAD EXCELLENT : £4000 - £5000